Water could be the easiest win for you and your business….

When you use dedicated commercial water procurement specialists

Take the time and effort out of water procurement. Keep the savings.

Better water procurement and management. Handled for you.

With dedicated water procurement experts, you get more than a simple like-for-like price comparison. With our specialist knowledge and partnerships, we can give you a comprehensive and ongoing service.

Save big on your water bills without having to do the donkey work yourself. Clients typically save around 17% on their water and waste bills, as well as substantial refunds in many cases.

Water procurement in Scotland

Good news. There’s tonnes of savings to be had by switching water suppliers in Scotland. If your business is based there, it’s a no brainer. We can also audit your consumption and find out where leaks and wastage are costing you.

Water procurement in England

The English market is a few years behind Scotland. Switching supplier could net you some small savings but it could be more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re looking for big savings on water though, a consumption audit is a better place to start. Get in touch and we can give you the lowdown and decide what’s best for your business.

Water procurement in Wales

Right now, businesses aren’t allowed to switch water suppliers in Wales*. But don’t worry, our water consumption audits can still net you some pretty whopping savings.  

*Unless you consume HUGE amounts. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’ll let you know.

Get the job done and done right

Competitive prices

For over 20 years, we’ve forged strong partnerships with suppliers so you can be confident you’re getting a good price.

Peace of mind

During the life of the contract, we’ll validate and approve all bills to make sure you’re being charged the agreed rates.

Personal advisers

We make sure we have a full understanding of your water meter portfolio and buying goals so we give you bespoke advice.

Dedicated brokers

Procuring your energy isn’t just a service we offer. It’s our entire business. You’ll have our full focus, full skills and full expertise.

Unrivalled knowledge

Forever up to date with the wholesale water market, so you’re on top of changing regulations, taxes and suppliers.

Smooth process

You can focus on other areas of your business as we handle any objections, queries or issues that come up. 

Total transparency

You’ll know who we approached, who replied and the prices they offered. So you’ll know you’ve got the best deal.

A lifetime service

We constantly watch the wholesale markets so that we can recommend the best time to renew your contracts.

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Add the commercial water specialists to your team.

    Who we work with

    We work with and compare all the big and small suppliers so you don’t have to…

    How can we help you with commercial water?  

    We audit and report it

    You don’t need to study up on water consumption to understand yours. We’ll nip in and complete an in-depth audit to provide you with site-by-site reports. In these reports, you’ll find recommendations for cost savings. 

    We can even tell if something, somewhere is going wrong and resulting in high consumption. Plus let you know how to fix it, any associated costs and the payback  (reduced consumption usually pays for work in less than six months, providing continuous savings after that). 

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