If you don’t have all the time in the world to find the right gas contract, have someone else do it

All the research, tendering, management and more, handled by experts you can trust.

Stop overpaying for gas

Start focusing your time where it matters most

Business Gas contracts. The way they should be.

Getting your gas contract right could save you thousands. Which is certainly not to be sniffed at.

But it takes a hell of a lot of time and effort. And it just might not be worth it if it draws your attention away from more critical matters. What you need is…

  • Those same savings – Feeling assured that you’ve got the best deal at all times.
  • Without using up your resources  – Using a trusted broker to handle it for you.

For over 20 years, Energy Solutions has proudly offered that service.

Get the job done and done right

Competitive prices

For over 20 years, we’ve forged strong partnerships with suppliers so you can be confident you’re getting a good price.

Peace of mind

During the life of the contract, we’ll validate and approve all bills to make sure you’re being charged the agreed rates.

Personal advisers

We make sure we have a full understanding of your gas meter portfolio and buying goals so we give you bespoke advice.

Dedicated brokers

Procuring your energy isn’t just a service we offer. It’s our entire business. You’ll have our full focus, full skills and full expertise.

Unrivalled knowledge

Forever up to date with the wholesale gas market, so you’re on top of changing regulations, taxes and suppliers.

Smooth process

You can focus on other areas of your business as we handle any objections, queries or issues that come up. 

Total transparency

You’ll know who we approached, who replied and the prices they offered. So you’ll know you’ve got the best deal.

A lifetime service

We constantly watch the wholesale markets so that we can recommend the best time to renew your contracts.

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Add the commercial gas specialists to your team

    Who we work with

    We work with and compare all the big and small suppliers so you don’t have to…

    How can we help you with business gas? 

    Knowledge is power AND protection

    It’s our whole job to know what’s going on in the gas market at all times. Each of our recommendations will be based on our view of the market and our rating of each supplier.

    And you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a bad situation. Thanks to our knowledge of suppliers, we can rule out the ones having financial difficulties or ones who give poor customer service.

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