Never worry about energy again

It’s one of those things, energy procurement: an absolute necessity but at the same time, it’s hardly your priority. And it just sort of gets in the way.

You need an energy broker who can take that hassle off your desk.

Someone you can just trust to do the job right. Someone you can just trust to get you the best deal. Someone with years of credentials to back up what they promise, including supplier partnerships and well known clients.

For over 20 years, Energy Solutions has been the trusted broker for countless businesses when it comes to electricity, gas and water.

Choose us as your trusted broker too.

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Commercial Electricity Specialists
Commercial Electricity
Commercial Gas Specialists
Commercial Gas
Commercial Water Specialists
Commercial Water

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Make your energy procurement someone else’s problem

Specialist – We’re energy brokers and that’s it. We focus all our energy on procuring yours.

Experienced – We’ve been working our trade and forging partnerships for over 20 years.

Trusted – By The Football Association, Harvey Nash, Robert Dyas and more.

If you’ve been let down by your supplier or broker, get in touch with Energy Solutions.

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Reduce your power costs
Reduce your power costs

Commercial electricity procurement for medium and large companies

Did you know you could save thousands on your electricity bills? But only with the right team of experts who know the market inside and out…

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Reduce your gas bills
Reduce your gas bills

Commercial gas procurement for medium and large companies

We can handle all the research, tendering, management and more so you’re always confident you’re getting the best deal…

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Save on water and waste
Save on water and waste

Commercial water procurement for medium and large companies

The commercial water markets change dramatically between England, Scotland and Wales. But wherever you’re based, we can help you save…

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